Superior Court I

  1. Court Calendars

    Find calendars with the daily and weekly schedule for Superior Court I.

  2. Helpful Links

    Find links to online sources with information relating to Superior Court.

  3. Juror Resources

    Jurors are chosen according to law to act as officers of the court. Find resources intended to help you understand and perform this important civic duty, regardless of the county you are selected to serve in.

  4. Local Rules of Court

    Review the rules of the court in Miami County.

  5. Night Court

    Miami Superior Court I has a night session that runs on Tuesday evenings from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m., or until the last case has been concluded.

  6. Talking to the Judge

    Many times, parties to a lawsuit request that they be allowed to speak to the Judge with regard to things that may come up as a part of a pending or anticipated lawsuit. They then are told that they cannot do so.

  7. Types of Cases

    Generally speaking, a jury may he called upon to try 2 kinds of cases - civil or criminal.