We regret to inform you that the August Beautification Day has been cancelled due to lack of funds. Because of the unusually large turnout in April, there are not enough funds in the BEAUTIFICATION DAY BUDGET to hold the August day.

The District is designing an alternative program and will make it as fair and convenient as possible.  Details will be coming soon.


Beautification Day for 2017 is from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. on April 22.  A second Beautification Day will be held in late August IF FUNDING IS AVAILABLE.   Unfortunately, the funding for Beautification Day was depleted at the April event due to the unusually large turnout.

Beautification Day is a day when 30 yard dumpsters are placed in several locations for the purpose of giving you the opportunity to dispose of items that are not normally recycled.

  1. Follow the Rules
    By following the rules of the programs, you help to keep the yearly recycling fee low. When rules are ignored, it costs the Solid Waste District more money to continue the programs, and will result in having to raise the fee to continue to cover the costs related to our recycling programs.