Why We Have a Sharps Disposal Program

This portion of our website contains used sharps home disposal guidelines to protect your family, waste handlers, and the environment. "Sharps" are needles, syringes with attached needles, and used lancets.


Although it is still legal to place household needles and sharps containers into residential trash, this is not the safest option for our community. Inside a trash can or bag, the loose or containerized sharps can injure family members and waste collectors, or inappropriately fall into the hands of children or people with substance abuse problems.
Needle and Syringe
Once in the refuse truck, sharps containers are likely to break from the pressure of the trash compactors. Many workers run the risk of sharps contact from trash on sorting floors, in recycling lines, and landfill operations.


The best solution to reducing risks from sharps is to take them to sharps collection centers.