1. Autism

    Find resources used to help police officers understand the autistic.

  2. Fees

    Get information about the fees associated with services from the Sheriff's Office.

  3. Gangs

    Knowledge is power, and that is the purpose of the Gang Activity Information Network (G.A.I.N.) Newsletters; to empower Miami County citizens in order to help keep our communities safe from gangs.

  4. Handgun Permit Information

    Find information for getting a permit for a handgun.

  5. Helpful Links

    Find information relating to the Sheriff's Office from other online sources.

  6. History of the Office of Sheriff

    Sheriffs have served and protected the English-speaking peoples for a millennium. The office of Sheriff dates back at least to the reign of Alfred the Great in England, and some scholars even argue that the office of Sheriff was first created during the Roman occupation of England.

  7. Local Agencies' Phone Numbers

    Get contact information for local agencies.

  8. Partnerships

    Access the websites for organizations considered our partners.

  9. Powers & Duties of the Sheriff

    Learn about the powers and duties of the sheriff.

  10. Resources

    Locate information related to the Sheriff's Office.

  11. Safety Information

    By taking just a few minutes to review the information on this page, you could save your child's life!