Billing Information

  • All property owners in Miami County are responsible for this fee.

  • The yearly user fee is sent out by the Recycling District.


  • This is a STATE MANDATED PROGRAM, overseen by a board of local elected officials.

  • The bill is sent to the last known address of the deeded owner of the property as of March 1 of the current calendar year. If YOU own the property on March 1, 2017, YOU are responsible for paying the bill. Bills are not pro-rated.

  • All bills are sent out at the same time. If you have multiple properties and didn’t receive a bill for every property you own, please contact our office as soon as possible.

  • Payments may be made by cash, check, money order or credit/debit card

  • Credit/debit card payments can be made in the office or online. See “Online Payments” on the menu to the left. Convenience fee will apply.

  • Bills not paid by May 31, 2017 are subject to an additional $25.00 late fee, authorized by Indiana Statute.

Collection Procedure

  • The Recycling District sends out ONE bill notice for the current calendar year.

  • ONE late notice will be sent to all unpaid accounts and will include the original fee and the late fee.

  • All bills remaining unpaid will be sent to our attorney for collection.

  • After bills have been sent for collection, the Recycling District office will no longer accept payments of unpaid balances for the current or prior years.

  • All payments must then be made at the attorney’s office.

  • Indiana statutes authorize in addition to the $55.00 assessment due, the payment of attorney fees (usually $200.00), plus court costs (usually $81.00). Do not take a chance on being ordered to pay approximately $336.00 plus interest 8% per annum.