How do I use the system to find tax information?


These instructions assume that you are starting from the home page of our website, www.miamicountyin.gov

  1. Click the ‘Property Information’ on the left side of the web page.

  2. You are now at a page with a bulleted list. Select the first item in that list which says ‘View property tax information.’

  3. You are now at a disclaimer page. Please read the disclaimer, and if you agree to the terms click ‘I accept.’ If you click the other button, you will be returned to our home page.

  4. You are now at the search page. The default search is by owner name, so type a name into the box. Although there are several ways of doing this, I find the Last Name [comma] [space] First Initial method to be the most effective (example: reagan, r). If you use the First Name [space] Last name format, be sure to change the ‘Search Type’ from ‘Starts With’ to ‘Contains.’ The ‘Search Type’ box is between the Statue of Liberty and the box where you enter the owner’s name.

  5. If there is only one choice, that page will automatically open up. If there are multiple choices, then a listing of these will be displayed. Click on the parcel number to open the individual property.

  6. Once your property page is displayed, click the ‘Tax’ link on the left-hand side of your Internet window.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no Ronald Reagan in our property database, so typing in his name should not generate any results.