Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

The CASA program began in 1977 in Seattle when a judge envisioned using trained community volunteers to represent the best interest of abused and neglected children in court. It worked so well that judges from other communities across the country began using citizen advocates. In 1990, Congress passed the Victims of Child Abuse Act, which help encourage the growth of CASA programs.
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Now there are in excess of 50,000 volunteers that serve more than 225,000 abused and neglected children through over 900 local program offices across the country. Our advocates are appointed members of the court, and judges rely on the information from these trusted volunteers.

The Miami County CASA Program was began in 1989. It is a Court Program under the direction of the Circuit and Superior Courts of Miami County.

Did you know that in Miami County...
  • 136 children were served by GAL/CASA volunteers and staff in 2005.
  • An average of 19 children are waiting for a GAL/CASA volunteer.

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