Seat Belt Use


To be big enough to use an adult safety belt:
  • Knees must bend comfortably over the edge of the vehicle seat
  • Lap/shoulder belt must lie flat and snug on the upper thighs and between the neck and shoulder
  • Must be 80 pounds or 4'9" and 8 years old
  • Must be able to sit all the way back on the vehicle seat without slouching
  • The shoulder belt cannot be kept behind the child


  • Keep the back of the vehicle seat in its upright position.
  • Wear the lap belt low and snug.
  • Wear the shoulder belt snug across chest.

Pregnant Women

  • Wear the lap belt below abdomen, across hips.
  • Wear the shoulder belt across chest, between breasts.


Do not wear safety belts:
  • Across neck
  • Behind back
  • Loose or floppy
  • Over bulky clothing
  • Over face

Indiana's Safety Belt Law

  • Anyone riding in the front seat of most vehicles must wear a safety belt.
  • Children under the age of 16 cannot ride in the bed of a pickup.
  • Everyone 16 years and older is subject to this law unless exempted by a doctor ordered prescription.
  • For younger children the fine can be much higher.
  • Violators can be fined up to $25.
Information on this page is provided by the Automotive Safety Program, supported by The Governor's Council on Impaired and Dangerous Driving, Office of Traffic Safety.