Section J: Appeal

  1. Any person aggrieved by any final order of the Health Department shall be entitled to a review of the final order before the Board by filing a written request therefore with the Secretary of the Board within 15 days after such final order is issued.
  2. Upon the Health Department=s receipt of such request, the Board shall hear the matter de novo in an open hearing after at least 10 days written notice of the time, place and nature thereof. (The Health Department and appellant may agree to a shorter period of time, if requested by either party.) The notice shall be issued by the Secretary of the Board to the Health Department and the person filing the request.
  3. The notice of hearing shall be served upon the appellant by leaving or mailing by Certified Mail the notice to the address listed on the permit application as the appellant=s mailing address or such other address as the appellant shall designate in writing to the Secretary of the Board.
  4. At such hearing, the same rules of procedure shall apply as in the case of the hearing before the Health Department; provided, that upon written request by the appellant or the Health Department, the Board shall cause the proceedings before it to be recorded by a reporter employed for such purpose, and the same, together with all papers and documents filed therein.