About the Miami County Recycling (Solid Waste) District

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Miami County Solid Waste management District is to implement and provide source reduction and recycling programs that will reduce the amount of solid waste disposed of in landfills, encourage recycling efforts, provide guidance for waste stream reduction, and increase awareness of proper hazardous waste disposal. 

How Districts Started:

The Solid Waste Office began its operation in 1990 by Legislative Act 1240 which became Public Law 10-1990. The purpose of this act was to reduce the amount of material going to landfills by 50% by the year 2001. The law also set up the Board of Directors as being 7 elected officials in the county.


The financing of solid waste districts could be set up 1 of 3 ways:

  • Disposal fee from a land-fill
  • District user fee
  • Property taxes

District User Fee

The Miami County Solid Waste District Board chose to use the district user fee. This fee is used to supply the funds to pay the cost of recycling and disposal of the materials that are collected. 

Billing Information

All Recycling bills are due May 31st. The office normally sends the bills in mid - late March. This gives you an opportunity to know the due date is approaching. We try to give plenty of time for you to be able to pay on time. 

Bills that are not paid by May 31st will be charged an additional $25 late fee. Bills that remain unpaid will be turned over to our attorney for collection. 

Garbage Service

This service is not a garbage collection service. The service you have been using should still be used for garbage collection. By knowing how to recycle properly and by using these methods, some residents have eliminated the use of a garbage service.

What do I do with....??

For information about "what to do with..." many of the things you may have in your home, check out the PROGRAMS tab on the left. 

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Board Meetings

Board meetings are held the third Monday of every month at NOON in the conference room of the Miami County Recycling (Solid Waste) District.

The meetings for January and February are held the third TUESDAY of the month for observance of Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day.

Executive Sessions are called as needed.

The public is always welcome to attend. The District and the District Board Members appreciate public comments.

The District Board is made up of local elected officials pursuant to IC 13-21-3-5. The membership is made up of all three County Commissioners, the Mayor of the largest Municipality in the county, a representative from the second largest Municipality in the county, a representative from the County Council, and a representative from the City Council.

Board Members:


Larry West 765-460-7962


Vice Chairman:

David Sailors 765-432-5868



Alan Hunt 765-469-2620 (Cell)


Tom Gustin 765-469-0905 (Cell)


Fred Musselman 260-571-2267 (Cell)


Miles Hewitt 765-472-2400 (Work)


Andy Horner 765-667-3901 (Cell)